About Crew Finder

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Crew Finder is a facility for posting Crew Wanted or Crew Available requests.

Posting a Notice
You have to logon in the member's section to post a notice. People who are not a member of the RWYCI can also post a notice by filling out this crew finder form. After we receive your details we will post it on the website.

Supplying your Contact Details
Any phone or mobile number can be supplied. An Email address is required.

Display Period
Your notice will be displayed for 1 month from date of posting. At the end of this period your notice will be deleted.

Editing or Deleting a Notice
At any stage during the display period you can logon in the member's section, using your Member's Username & Password - and edit or delete your notice. Please delete your notice if your request is filled. Non RWYCI members can simply sent us an email with a request to either edit or delete your post.

Responding to a Notice
You communicate directly with the person posting the notice using the contact details provided with each notice.