RWYCI Cruising plans for 2018                    

Following the success of our two cruising events last year we are again planning to have some cruising events this year.

First up will be a cruise from Kilrush to Limerick for Riverfest on the May bank holiday weekend.

Next we are planning a day-cruise to Kilbaha for lunch on Sunday 17th June.

In July we plan to cruise to Foynes for the Air Show, staying at least one night in Foynes before returning. The Air Show takes place on Saturday 28th.

The final planned event is a cruise in-company to Fenit on Saturday 11th August. We will have dinner in Fenit that night before sailing back to Kilrush on Sunday.

As usual the above plan is at the mercy of the weather and the final go, no-go will not happen until a few days before each event. Details for each cruise will be posted on the website a few weeks in advance.

Plans for Riverfest Cruise

We will leave Kilrush on Saturday 5th May at 15.30 and sail to Foynes (~16Nm) where we will raft up at the Foynes YC pontoon. Crews can choose to dine on-board or in Foynes.

LW Kilrush, 15:32 (Approaching Neap tides, 1.5 metres)

HW Foynes, 22:31

Depart Foynes at 07:30 on Sunday morning to arrive in Limerick before the harbour gates close at High Water.  (~18 Nm)

LW Foynes, 04:20

HW Limerick, 11:34

Crews can make their own plans for enjoying the Riverfest activities for the rest of Sunday. A booking will be made so that we can dine as a group in Dolan’s on Sunday night.

We will depart Limerick harbour at ~11:30 on Monday 7th for sail back to Kilrush. (~34 Nm)

HW Limerick, 12:24

LW Kilrush, 17:10 (Neaps, 1.9 metres)

Any skipper who is planning to take part in the cruise should contact Pat O’Shea at 087 6775485. Last year we had 9 boats participating and a very enjoyable weekend was had by all.