September Update

Well, we are approaching the end of August but there is still plenty of sailing left in the season.
So far this year club members and boats have cruised to Brittany, raced in St. Tropez, Kinsale, schull and WIORA at Foynes.
Our juniors have been very active sailing around the marina and the islands.

Upcoming Events Cruising

Cruising Capt. Pat O’Shea is organising a cruise in company to Fenit this coming weekend.
Boats will depart Kilrush on Saturday 7th September at approx. 11:30 and cruise to Fenit for an overnight stay in the marina.
The trip is almost 32 Nm and should be done in about 6 hours. There will have some tide against us for the early part of the cruise, however, this is necessary to get to Fenit at a reasonable time.
There will be a group dinner that evening in the West End Restaurant at 20:00, which is just a short walk from the marina.

Saturday 7th Sept.
HW Kilrush, 12:55 (Neap tides, 3.8 metres
LW Fenit,  18:19,    (1.4 metres)

Sunday 8th Sept.
Boats will the depart Fenit at 08:00 to 09:00 on Sunday morning and cruise back to Kilrush. It is important to leave early to avoid adverse tide at Kilcredaun.
LW Fenit, 06:58
HW Kilrush, 14:21

This cruise is being organised by the RWYCI. The organisers will provide as much information as possible to participants prior to and during the cruise. However, each boat skipper is individually responsible for their own safety and that of their crew. No responsibility rests with the organisers. Information is given in good faith and must be used with due regard to the norms of good seamanship, likely weather and knowledge of the limitations of their own vessel, crew experience and equipment on board.  Each vessel must be adequately insured and carry adequate safety equipment.
Any skipper who is planning to take part in the cruise should contact Pat O’Shea at 087 6775485.


For autumn the RWYCI is organising a series of Yacht Racing. These races will be open to all IRC/Echo and white sails yachts.
The September racing program will start on Friday 6th and run for every Friday until the 27th. Start time off Cappa pier will be 18:30 using the automatic start system, with a one off brief at Kilrush Marina on Friday 6th at 17:30, after that the pre-determined course will notified to skippers by WhatsApp. Enquires to Adrian O’Connell 086 6026700.

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